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Dear Lions, Well-wishers,
Lion Rajesh VK am honored to serve as the Region Chairperson for Lions Club International District 317F for Lionistic Year 2018-19. We are happy to share that our regions vital focus is service efforts. We strive hard to improve the lives of people who are under privileged in and around our communities.This year as part of the region efforts to service society’s needs we have chosen a befitting theme “Igniting Minds” a youth based initiative. We plan to showcase solidarity and support to the Autism community and promote inclusivity to people in the autism spectrum by organizing a walkathon for Autistic students.To help increase chances of students to gain employability we are organizing a job fair for final year commerce and management practice students.To help increase opportunities of financial independence and self -sufficiency we plan to provide smart class rooms in government schools and plan to open a tailoring institute for rural students and women in Rural bangalore .Our main intention for the region meet is to ignite the fire in our young youth hailing from under privileged back grounds across different spectrums of society.I am excited to embark on this journey alongside you Lions and well- wishers, some of the most dedicated and selfless people the world has ever seen. I know that together we will achieve many great accomplishments in our Region meet.
Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our Region!
Lion Rajesh VK